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Our company provides services for patenting inventions and utility models in Russia. Inventions may also be patented in Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO).

The subject matter of an invention may be a technical solution in any field relating to a product (a device, a substance, a microorganism strain, a culture of plant or animal cells), a process (a process of acting upon a material object by means of material instruments) and also the use of a known product or process for a new purpose or a new product for certain purpose. The subject matter of a utility model is a technical solution in any field relating to a device only.

Ownership of the invention shall be certified by a Patent. The scope of rights is restricted by the claims. Validity of the Patent for invention is 20 years from the filing date and of the Patent for utility model is 10 years from the filing date. The Patent is to be maintained in force every year.

Entering the national phase for an International PCT application

An International PCT application which contains the indication of the Russian Federation or EAPO shall be entered into the national phase before thirty-one months from the earliest priority date.

For entering into the national/regional phase the following documents shall be required: the request for the grant of a patent and translation of the international PCT application into the Russian language.