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Our company provides full range services of registration and protection of trademark in Russian Federation, namely:

  • Trademark search,
  • Filing for registration,
  • Responding to Office actions of the Patent Office,
  • Protecting the rights before the Appeals Chamber and Court,
  • Trademark Renewal,
  • Assignment Agreements,
  • License Agreements.

Word, image, three-dimensional and other designations or combinations thereof may be registered as trademarks. A trademark may be registered in any color or in any color-combination. The application shall relate to one trademark only.

The term of the trademark registration shall be ten years from the filing date of the application. The term of the trademark registration may be renewed for further periods of ten years at the request of the owner, which request shall be filed in the course of the last year of the current term of the registration.

The exclusive right to a trademark may be exercised to individualize the goods, works or services for which the trademark has been registered, for instance by placing the trademark:

  • on the goods including labels, the packaging of goods which are manufactured, offered for sale, are sold, exhibited at exhibitions and fairs, or are otherwise introduced into civil-law transactions on the territory of the Russian Federation or are stored or transported for that purpose or are imported into the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • when works are performed or services are provided;
  • on the document relating to the introduction of the goods in civil-law transactions;
  • in offers for the sale of goods, performance of works, provision of services, and also in announcements, billboards and in advertisements;
  • on the Internet, including in a domain name or in other address methods.